About Us

Amcraft, Inc. was founded by Arthur Hebbeler as a subsidiary of American Metalcraft Company.

Over the years, Amcraft has added to the original line of tools as duct board sizes increased from 1″ to 1½” to 2″ and even 3″.  Fred Hebbeler, the second generation, designed tools for the larger duct board.  However, the colors that are standard in the industry have remained the same – for example – red for V-groove, orange for shiplap or blue for cut-off.

In 1994, David Frank, the third generation, expanded the company when he moved the company to its present location.  Additional products were added to Amcraft’s line: layout square, green handled knife, vane cutter, cuts-all, transition angle, hole cutter and the heat seal iron, an industry standard.  Amcraft has improved the blades in the tools to be longer lasting and stronger.  Amcraft sells tackers, staples and heat seal tape.

Amcraft is also a tool and die shop and manufacturing facility.  Amcraft specializing in short run metal stampings.  We also perform secondary operations & sub assemblies.

We are committed to providing cost effective high quality parts to our customers on schedule.

Call us, we will be glad to answer your questions. 419-729-7900